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Activities in and around Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen offers you a number of great options if you’re looking for an active and stimulating stay with us. You should definitely plan time to visit our tourist attractions. For your first stop, we suggest Bad Kissingen’s landmark, the stately regent's building with the adjoining arcade building and its magnificent rooms. Europe's largest covered promenade, the picturesque spa theater, the Botenlauben castle ruins, and the salt graduation tower are also worth a visit. Bad Kissingen has also added an ultramodern landmark that is unique in Germany: the multimedia fountain! An especially entertaining way to get to know our city is our classic tour. This informative walk through the old town and the historic spa grounds and buildings is also offered in English.

Magnificent all year round: gardens and parks

Bad Kissingen’s enchanting gardens and parks are always worth a visit. The sophisticated spa garden, the opulent rose garden, the spacious Luitpoldpark: all appear nearly endless as they extend along the banks of the Saale river. Benches and hammocks everywhere invite visitors to stop, rest, and enjoy the lawns, fountains, and the variety of gorgeous flowers. Our green spaces are also perfect for a stroll, a jog, or a power walk, and many of them feature marked trails. Like an extension of our urban parks, Bad Kissingen’s golf course lies just outside the city gates. Its scenic setting and historic trees make it one of the most beautiful golf courses in Germany. 

A paradise for hikers: the region and the nearby RhönBad Kissingen’s hinterland also offers a number of various activities. Hikers and nature lovers are sure to enjoy exploring the region on foot. A number of lovely circular routes start in and around the city, including the 180km hiking trail “Der Hochrhöner”. And the 6,000 kilometers of marked trails in the nearby Rhön are truly a hiker’s paradise. Diverse landscapes, protected flora and fauna, and worthwhile destinations for excursions make this region one of the most beautiful low mountain ranges in Europe.