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A technical innovation of yesteryear

Gradierwerk (salt graduation tower)

Salt was produced in Bad Kissingen for more than 1 000 years. In 1562, the predecessors of the ‘Gradierwerk’ (Graduation Tower) built here were the first in Europe. As parts of the salt production plants, their purpose was to allow water to evaporate, similar to salt meadows. Through the evaporation of the water, the rather low salt content of natural Kissingen brine was raised to 25%. Salt production was discontinued after 1945. The significance of the ‘white gold’ for Bad Kissingen is the subject of a permanent exhibition in the ‘Museum Obere Saline’.

Opening Hours:
Open daily from April to October – weather permitting. Only a short walk from the town centre.

A Unique constructionBundles of blackthorn are fitted into the timber construction of the ‘Gradierwerk’. Pumps distribute the saltwater all over these bundles, and the water then trickles down and evaporates. Small quantities of the clean salt particles are also released into the atmosphere. Originally,  the salt content was given in degrees, which is where the name ‘Gradierwerk’ comes from. The water comes from the ‘Runder Brunnen’ (Round Spring).

Brine therapyToday, the brine trickling down leads to a healthy micro-climate around the graduation tower, and the effect is similar to that of the North Sea climate. Conscious inhalation can contribute towards cleaning the respiratory tracts, regenerating the pulmonary functions and reinforcing the immune system.