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high musical and artistic standards

Staatsbad Philharmonie Kissingen (spa music)

There has been spa music in Bad Kissingen since the middle of the 19th century, when 15 Bohemian musicians entertained the enthusiastic guests for a whole season. After this, music ensembles were regularly booked for the summer months. These included members of the Würzburg Theatre, the Meiningen Court Orchestra and later also members of the Munich Philharmonic and Vienna Symphony Orchestras. Today, a professional spa orchestra with 13 members will convince you with its high musical and artistic standards as well as its impressive versatility. Depending on the occasion, it can play as a classical ball orchestra or as a big band orchestra – with repertoires to match.
Spa concertsIt plays practically daily in the orchestra shell of the ‘Wandelhalle’ (Central Foyer), which rotates to face the ‘Kurgarten’ (Spa Garden) when the weather is good.