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Healing waters

Seven healing springs with high mineral content bubble in and around Bad Kissingen. They are the basis for its reputation as a world-class spa. As early as 500 years ago, doctors recognized their healing, soothing, and preventive effects, which today have been scientifically proven. Each of these springs is unique in its composition, with effects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for drinking, bathing, and inhaling

The healing waters from the Rakoczy, Pandur, Luitpoldsprudel “old”, Max fountain, and the Kissinger springs are administered as drinks. This treatment helps to regulate digestion, respiratory tract disorders, exhaustion, and anemia. The waters from the Luitpoldsprudel “new”, Runder fountain, and the Schönbornsprudel are used for bathing. They also feed the pools at the KissSalis thermal baths. Healing waters are also used for inhalation at the Gradierwerk and in the Kneipp pools. 

Brunnenfrauen (female assistants) and water pouring

Our specialists will advise you on the possible applications and indications of the healing waters of Bad Kissingen. Our 'Brunnenfrauen' are personally and competently available to answer all your questions on the subject of healing waters during the water pouring times. They will serve you the waters and will be happy to advise you on their use and effects.

Daily from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. and on weekdays additionally from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


Illustration Lisa Schleicher 1


"My name is Lisa Lausenmeyer. As a 'Brunnenfrau', I serve the healing waters in the 'Brunnenhalle' (Pump room) every day and advise you on their use and effects. Whether it's to alleviate a complaint or to compensate for a specific deficiency, I explain which mineral-rich healing water is right for you."

You can find detailed information about the healing waters in our brochure.