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Healthy lifestyle

In our everyday lives, it’s not always easy to pay attention to ourselves and our health. All too rarely do we allow ourselves a timeout from our hectic schedules – not to mention proper nutrition and a healthy level of physical activity. Many times, poor thought and behavior patterns have taken hold over the years, and we don’t know how we can replace them. And if we then encounter other burdens, such as caring for a loved one who is ill, a separation, or career challenges, we might reach our limit more quickly than we would like to. The magic word is: resilience!


Resilience – for more joy and vitality in life

Mental resilience not only helps you to keep a level head when you face one of life’s challenges. It also helps you to maintain long-term health in every area. This is one of the things we focus on in Bad Kissingen. Here you can try out new approaches, replace unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with more beneficial ones, and lay the foundation for a more healthy lifestyle that will give you strength for your everyday life.


A timeout for body, mind, and spirit

Our many offers and treatments make it easy for you to do something good for your health. Treat yourself to our soothing healing springs – as a drink served daily in the Brunnenhalle, or as a bath in our wonderful KissSalis thermal baths. Discover the power of nature in our gardens and parks or during a day excursion in the surrounding region or the Rhön biosphere reserve. Sports and games are especially fun in verdant Bad Kissingen. And offers such as the “Path of Reflection” or the barefoot labyrinth “Harmony” in the Luitpoldpark provide the perfect setting for you to practice mindfulness and train your senses.

You’ll also find many other health offerings to strengthen your resilience and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our health advisers will be happy to assist you in planning your stay.