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Service commitment

Modern everyday life is complex and demanding. Often we cannot find the time to give our mental and physical well-being the attention it deserves. But if we want to get healthy and stay healthy in the long run, our body, mind, and spirit need to be in harmony with one another.  That’s why in Bad Kissingen, we focus on mental health and healthy living.

Healthy lifestyle and mental health

To prevent illness in the first place, our most important aim is to strengthen your mental resilience. If you’re basically healthy or suffering from acute stress, you will find a wide range of offers to relax and recharge your batteries. You can also try out new things, reconsider your lifestyle habits, and find out how you can experience more joy in life.

But even if you are already ill: strengthening your mind and spirit always plays a key role in the medical care you will receive in our clinics and healthcare facilities. This facilitates your rest and recovery, soothes stress-related symptoms, and helps you mentally to overcome your illness. Whether you’re coming for prevention, rehabilitation, or regeneration: in Bad Kissingen, you'll find the time, tranquility, and setting to do something good for yourself and your health. In other words: in Bad Kissingen, you will learn – or learn more – about the art of healthy living.

Time-tested spa culture and modern medicine

Whether a hotel, a holiday apartment or bed and breakfast, KissSalis thermal baths, a tourist resort, or a specialized clinic:  we offer you a wide range of individual accommodations and health offerings that suit your needs. You can rely on the time-tested interaction of classic spa culture and healthy activities, alternative healing approaches and modern medicine. The focus is always on our seven healing springs – waters with high mineral content and a wide range of curative powers. They are among the many things that make a timeout for your health in Bad Kissingen so special!