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Spa resort Bad Kissingen

Bavarian kings began noticing Kissingen and its healing springs in the early 19th century. They recognized its potential as a spa resort, but the road to a world-class spa was a long one. First, a new version of the Sauer fountain was commissioned, today known as the Max fountain at the corner of the spa garden. A spa inspector was hired and the tourist infrastructure expanded; the spa garden needed to be enlarged, and the bathing facilities modernized. To do that, Ludwig I commissioned none other than star architect Friedrich von Gärtner. The first spa holiday by the Bavarian king marked Bad Kissingen rise to a world-class spa.

Bad Kissingen’s famous guests

Whether for the Bavarian kings, Imperial Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck, or Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria: from the 1830s, Kissingen was the leading fashionable spa for Europe’s nobility and aristocracy. The social and political dimensions of a spa could no longer be overlooked. Later, Bad Kissingen also became popular among the bourgeoisie, as well as among artist, writers, and musicians. Today, its guest lists include such names as Theodor Fontane, George Bernard Shaw, and Richard Strauss.

Germany’s most famous spa resort

And still today, Bad Kissingen’s popularity remains unabated. According to an Emnid poll, it is Germany’s most famous spa resort. Even today, the seven unique healing springs and their many curative powers are the focus of any spa or health sojourn in Bad Kissingen. Visitors can experience the springs in the attractive setting of the ultramodern KissSalis thermal baths. As a modern holiday and health destination, Bad Kissingen today also offers a wide range of individual accommodations, wellness and health offerings, as well as 20 state-of-the-art spa clinics, rehabilitation clinic, and private sanatoriums.

Spa indications

Bad Kissingen is a place for mental health and a healthy lifestyle. To prepare yourself for the challenges of everyday life, you will find outstanding specialists for the following indications:

Metabolic disorders
Cardiovascular diseases
Disorders of the digestive system
Degenerative spinal and joint diseases/orthopedics
Rheumatic disease spectrum
Psychosomatic disorders
Mental illnesses
Disorders of the kidneys, urinary tract, and prostate gland
Gastroenterological diseases
Respiratory tract diseases
Neurological disorders
Malignant growths
Skin diseases
Hematological disorders
Gynecological diseases
Venous diseases
Accidents and injuries
Hearing disorders/tinnitus

Bad Kissingen is a member of the Bavarian Spa Association and a participant in the “Healthy Bavaria” quality initiative. That is seen in our comprehensive, individual service offerings and the web-based health finder, which provides you a quick and easy way to find the right healthcare providers for you at a spa in Bavaria.