Discover the essence of time!

Bad Kissingen invites you to rediscover your own natural rhythm

Arriving in Bad Kissingen is a magical experience: serenity returns, and your inner clock starts to tick at its own pace. Is it the nature all around that allows us to feel our own natural sense of time? The ageless effervescence of the city’s seven mineral springs? Its spectacular past that lives on in the regent’s building, the arcades, the covered promenade, and the many local traditions? Or is it the spirit of the many leaders, some crowned, some not, that have indulged in the pleasure of salubrious leisure here over the centuries? It’s all that – and much more. Time, in all its manifestations, is everywhere in Bad Kissingen. 

Days gone by

Whether Bavarian kings or Imperial Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck, whether the bourgeoisie or bohemians: they all came because of the mineral springs and the sophisticated spa life to be found in Bad Kissingen. Here they found rejuvenation for body, mind, and spirit. Today more than ever, Bad Kissingen invites us to follow their lead and walk in their footsteps. Their traces can still be felt in the city’s majestic historical buildings. Bad Kissingen’s history also lives on in the annual Rakoczy festival, in the chic casino of the Bayerische Spielbank, in the many guided tours, and in the Museum an der Oberen Saline.

Rituals old and new

The tradition of drinking the waters and the customary times for walks, baths in the springs, and naps: a timeout in Bad Kissingen always provides an opportunity to discover therapeutic rituals and return to one’s own natural pace. We offer you a unique combination of traditional spa treatments and modern health and wellness packages, all of them centered around the seven mineral springs. Whether as a drink, a bath, or a treatment for the respiratory system, they provide protection and relief from many acute symptoms. Even today, four of the waters are served up in the Springs Hall by our “mineral maids”, and a trip to the KissSalis thermal baths, fed by the Schönbornsprudel, is a perfect way to experience their healing powers from the outside in. 

Following nature’s rhythm

Bad Kissingen’s wealth of gardens, parks, and recreational areas is truly impressive. Lavish green spaces cover the city and inspire residents and visitors alike to get out for a stroll along the Saale River. Benches and hammocks in the Spa Garden, Luitpoldpark, and the Rose Garden are perfect for a rest surrounded by beautiful lawns, fountains, and flowers. Bad Kissingen is an excellent place not only for walking, but also for jogging, Nordic walking, hiking, canoeing, and bicycling. In such beautiful surroundings, getting out for some physical activity is a pleasurable experience. And if you prefer to sit back and relax, you can go for a boat ride on the Dampferle.

Conscious of the moment

The scent of roses, the sound of a violin, the radiance of the leaves in the park: Bad Kissingen has a magical way of invigorating your senses and directing your attention to the here and now. With highlights such as the “Path of Reflection” and the “Harmony” of a barefoot labyrinth, a Kneipp garden, and sound garden, Bad Kissingen offers you an array of options to find relaxation for your body and soul. Music is an important part of that. It’s always been an integral part of spa life in Bad Kissingen, with almost daily concerts in the covered promenade and a top-notch annual program of music and cultural offerings. And the local Franconian cuisine, with its delicious food, wines, and beers, is an indulgence for the senses!

The magic of downtime

Bad Kissingen is a place where you can relax, recharge, and rediscover your creative energy. Imperial Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck held this wondrous combination of creative downtime and creative expression in high esteem. During his stays in Bad Kissingen, he always conducted government business from here as well, hosting conferences and meetings with guests from around the world. Even today, Bad Kissingen’s delightful atmosphere, outstanding infrastructure, and top-notch cultural and health offerings make it an ideal place for congresses, conventions, and other events. Our hotels and meeting rooms feature modern furnishings and equipment, individual service, and a unique selection of gorgeous settings. 

Time for your health

Work, relationships, parenting: modern everyday life can be demanding. Often there’s just not enough time to give our own wellbeing the attention it deserves. That’s why we also focus on mental health and healthy living. Whether you’re coming for prevention, rehabilitation, or regeneration: in Bad Kissingen, you’ll always find the time to reinforce your mental and emotional resilience. Experience the time-tested interaction of classic spa culture and healthy activities, alternative healing approaches and modern medicine. And if you’re coming for inpatient care, it’s reassuring to know that all 20 of our spa and rehabilitation clinics are under the leadership of renowned physicians specialized in their fields.