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Partner Towns of Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen is in close contact with its partner cities, making the European ideal a reality. On 20th April 1960, the city of Bad Kissingen and Massa (Italy) sealed their partnership. Just one month later also Vernon (France) and in 1978 Eisenstadt (Austria) became partner cities.

The youth music corps Bad Kissingen, the Bad Kissinger fire brigade, the scouts, and the Rhönclub Bad Kissingen cooperate to maintain the connections. Soon, friendly friendships flourished. Since 1985 these partnerships have been kept up by the student exchange between local high and secondary school and the corresponding educational establishments in the foreign partner cities. Every year the town partnership committee Bad Kissingen organizes trips at Whitsun to the cherry fair of Vernon and to the town festival in Eisenstadt, where they offer Franconian specialties at sales stands. Conversely, committee Bad Kissingen welcomes his friends from the partner cities at the Rakoczy festival in Bad Kissingen. Art exhibitions, concerts, and lectures are organized in the cultural field.

Since 1978, the city of Bad Kissingen has maintained a friendly town partnership with the capital of Burgenland, which is located near Lake Neusiedl.

The Italian town of Massa, known for its marble quarries in the nearby Carrara, is twinned with Bad Kissingen since 1960.

Vernon, situated on the banks of the Seine river between Paris and Rouen, has been twinned with the city on the Franconian Saale for more than five decades.

Interested in our partner cities?

Contact details for the city partnerships.

Town Partnership Committee Bad Kissingen e.V.
President: Maren Schmitt
T +49 (0) 971 807-1240
F +49 (0) 971 807-1309

Councilor for the Partnership Committee
Councilor Birgit Eber
T (Private) +49 (0) 971 3685

Contact at the city of Bad Kissingen:
Department of Arts and Culture, Cultural Adviser Peter Weidisch
Promenadestraße 6
97688 Bad Kissingen
T +49 (0) 971 807-1201
F +49 (0) 971 807-1209

Grants for trips to the partner cities (schools and associations)

Schools and associations have the possibility to receive grants for trips to the partner cities.

General allowance per student: € 35
Max. allowance per class: € 1000

Group trips (Adults):
from 30 people, per trip: € 500

General information
The application for grants for trips to the partner cities must be submitted to the Kulturreferat of the city of Bad Kissingen by December 31 of the respective previous year. A decision will be taken by the City Council of Bad Kissingen after the determination of the budget for the grant year. The participation must be documented on the basis of a list of signatures. After submission of the list of participants to the Cultural Council, the funding amount will be paid out.
Definition of youth groups: teenagers and young adults up to 25 years (school, studies, training, FSJ – voluntary social year, federal voluntary service)
Basically at least two nights in a partner city.

Please send an informal application to:
Kulturreferat der Stadt Bad Kissingen
by mail: Promenadestraße 6, 97688 Bad Kissingen
or by fax: +49 (0) 971 8071209
or by email: