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Massa, Italy

The Italian town of Massa, known for its marble quarries in the nearby Carrara, is twinned with Bad Kissingen since 1960.

Worth knowing about: Massa

The town of Massa, a partner town since 1960, is the capital of the province of Massa and Carrara, and was first documented in 822. Its location on Frankenstrasse, a pilgrimage route leading from the north to Rome, has certainly contributed to its economic growth. In the 11th century, Massa became an important site because of its world-famous marble caves (cave di marmo) and its port. It gained special significance under the Malaspina family, who built an impressive castle (Castello Malaspina). In the following centuries, Massa was alternately controlled by the cities of Lucca, Milan, Pisa and Florence. Near Massa is the seaside resort of Marina di Massa.

Geographical location and climate

The town of Massa, with approximately 68,000 inhabitants, and its surrounding province Massa–Carrara are located in the extreme north-west corner of Tuscany. The urban area reaches from the Mediterranean up to the Apuan Alps at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters. On the Tyrrhenian Sea, Massa stretches along 10 km of the finest sandy beach. The land between the sea and mountains is characterized by short, mild winters and temperate, long summers. In the mountain region of Massa, water with a low mineral content is produced and used for the treatment of kidney stones and to prevent the formation of uric acid.

Structural features

In Tuscany, at the center of the main road networks, with convenient rail and air connections, and numerous excursion possibilities. Known for the marble quarries in nearby Carrera and water sources with low mineral content.
Tourism in Marina di Massa (10 km coast).


The city of Massa is the administrative center of the province of Massa–Carrara. Along with Carrara, Massa is the center of the marble mining industry in the Apuan Alps. Numerous machines and factories for processing the marble are also established here.
Tourism plays an important role. Along the 10 km long beach there are seven seaside resorts, the most important of which is Marina di Massa. There are numerous campsites, hotels and restaurants, as well as sports and leisure facilities. The Apuan Alps are a paradise for alpinists, hikers and excursionists. Wonderful panoramic routes and hiking trails lead past vineyards, olive trees and orange and lemon groves through the unique flora of the Apuan Mountains.


Chemical industry, Marble processing industry


Massa to Pisa (airport) 50 km
Massa to Florence (airport) 120 km
Massa to Genoa (airport) 100 km
Massa to La Spezia 40 km
Massa to Lucca 50 km
Massa to Siena 180 km
Massa to Bad Kissingen 900 km

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