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UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

The most famous health resort in Germany applies for admission to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – along with other leading baths in Europe. More information can be found here on the website.

Peter Weidisch M.A.

Head of Cultural Department
Project leader for the enrolment of Bad Kissingen
to UNESCO World Heritage List

Promenadestraße 6
97688  Bad Kissingen
T +49 (0) 971-807-4000

Serial transnational group of applicants to to the inclusion on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List "Great Spas of Europe".

A flyer has been published about the Great Spas of Europe. It can be viewed here as an e-paper. Pull the top or bottom corner to turn the page. Click on a page to open as PDF.

The Property is the area under special protection that is declared a World Cultural Heritage Site.

According to the guidelines of the World Heritage Committee, a Buffer Zone is to be set up to protect the Property.