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The World Heritage Site


The “Property” is the area under special protection that is declared a World Cultural Heritage Site.

The boundaries of the protected area are determined by the density of the buildings, which not only have a high architectural quality, but also present the indispensable properties of integrity and authenticity required to be designated as a World Heritage Site. Protection is ensured by an administrative system through laws and regulations that also integrate already existing policy. Bad Kissingen has a wide range of protective instruments (such as the development plan for spa areas, monument protection, nature protection, water protection, healing source protection and flood protection). Additional restrictions will not be imposed on the owners by the World Heritage nomination.

The area proposed as protected property of the city of Bad Kissingen is a district whose urban development was deliberately planned. It includes the essential building types of a spa bath: assembly rooms, foyer, covered walkway, bathhouse, as well as spa gardens and typical hotels and civil engineering structures (like the power station of the Luitpoldbad and the Krugmagazin).

  • Gesellschafts(Kur-)haus
  • Konversationssaal (1838)
  • Luitpoldbad-Casino (1880)
  • Regentenbau (1913)
  • Wandelgang/Wandelhalle
  • Arkadenbau (1838)
  • Wandelhalle (1911)
  • Kurgarten
  • Kurgarten (1738/1834)
  • Luitpoldpark (in stages from 1867)

The plan shows the area under special protection that is declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.